Animal Charity Program

As part of Fancy-xpress Social responsibility, there is a number of animals find themselves in distress or without a home and this number is growing each year. Thankfully, animal shelters and charities are there to help these animals in need. Fancy-xpress commends the work of these fine organizations and offers recognized charities and shelters a 8-10% discount on all orders starting at $120 or equivalent.

How to become a member of this program?

Please send the following information via our contact form.

  • Name of shelter or organization.
  • Annual number of animals to provide for.
  • Registered charity number.
  • An electronic copy of the charitable status of your shelter/organization.

If you do not have an electronic copy of your accreditation, you can send your accreditation to the following email:

After Registration
After your registration has been reviewed, you will receive an email confirming your membership in the Fancy-xpress Animal Charities Discount program.

When making your next purchase at fancy-xpress, login using the email address and password that you entered for your Animal Charities Discount program registration. Your personal data will automatically appear for each order.

For technical reasons, the Animal Charities Discount program is linked only to the email address used for registration. Unfortunately, it is not possible to credit you with a discount retrospectively.

The 8-10% Animal Charities discount will be applied automatically to all orders with a total value of $120 and over.
With an extra of free delivery to your location.

Your order will be received within 48-72 hours.

Please note that you cannot combine any other coupons or discounts with the Animal Charities Discount.